I really like making things. From non-profit storytelling to music videos, I just want to make it great.


I'm Chris Yankey. A recent transplant to Central Oregon, I spent the last few years in Kansas City (it's in Missouri, y'all) as an Art Director at a marketing agency. Working with brands like Journeys Shoes, Jockey Underwear, Reebok, and Relax the Back, my goal is always to make work that will stand out.

Whether shooting on location in NYC and LA, or helping provide direction for social campaigns, it's all about fulfilling my clients' goals and providing direction that fits with their brand messaging.

Don't know what your brand looks like? I can help you create assets and language that will resonate with your audience and help grow your influence.


Before anyone gets confused... Book Club is technically me, Chris Yankey. I say we and us because I work alongside a lot of other talented people on these projects. And when you hit that little button down below and we start working together, you'll be in the club too.


Book Club comes from the idea of a group of people coming together to discuss something they love. It's about that shared experience that you don't get when you do something alone. Also, I was homeschooled so I figured this might be the only way I get to be in a club of any kind.